Terms and Conditions

  • Each person, 18 years of age and over, must fill out a complete C21PPM application
  • C21PPM supports Fair Housing Laws and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
  • Applicants must have current identification in the form of driver’s license, state ID, military ID, or passport.
  • Note: properties cannot be held for long periods of time
  • Applicant is required to fill out both pages and sign the second page.
  • A $50.00 application/processing fee in cashier’s check or money order must accompany this application
  • An application/processing fee is required to process applications, no exceptions
  • C21PPM reviews income, credit, rental, or home ownership to qualify applicants — please read the C21PPM Application If you do not have a copy of the Application Instructions, please ask C21PPM for one.

■      Applicants must list all intended residents below.

■   C21PPM requires listing of all animals/pets of any size, kind, or type. If you have an animal/pet, contact C21PPM to find out if

this property can have animals/pets.

  • If the owner allows animals/pets in the property, there is an increase in the security deposit of $000 per pet/animal.
  • If the tenant requires an assistance animal, it is not a pet and there is no security deposit. However, the tenant must submit documentation on the assistance animal.
  • Disclose vehicles of any size, kind, or type. Each property has vehicle limitations; inquire at C21PPM.
  • C21PPM generally processes applications in 3-5 business days, but applications can take longer if more information is required from the applicant or there is difficulty obtaining a reference for the applicant.

■ C21PPM and/or the owner must approve all pets, and if the owner allows a pet, an increase to the deposit is required for each pet.

  • An increase in deposit, determined by the owner of the property, is required for animals, whether they are considered an “inside or outside” animal by the applicant. To find out what pets are acceptable for the property desired, inquire at the C21PPM office.

■      Disclose all water-filled furniture. Applicant must obtain an insurance policy for water-filled furniture, within ten (10) business


If C21PPM approves applicant:

  • If approved, to hold a property and refuse other applicants, C21PPM requires the first month’s rent and security deposit paid in certified funds and the rental agreement signed.
  • All persons 18 and over must sign the rental agreement, and supply a current ID at time of signature. A signature is required of any approved cosigner as well.
  • If C21PPM approves the applicant and the applicant defaults on the requirements of renting a property, C21PPM reserves the right to deny this application.
  • If approved, the applicant must complete a walk through inspection prior to occupancy.

If C21PPM denies the applicant:

  • C21PPM will notify applicants of denial as soon as practical.

I, the UNDERSIGNED APPLICANT, affirm that the information contained in this two-page application is true and correct, and I authorize C21PPM, to verify all information contained in this application. Misstatements, either false or incorrect are reason for denial of occupancy. I also understand that if I rent from C21PPM, and I fail to fulfill my obligations, C21PPM can submit a negative credit report reflecting my rental history to a credit-reporting agency. I understand this application is the property of C21PPM.